• Service Management

    assyst – Complete enterprise ITSM in one application

    In enterprise organizations, delivering business value from IT is a complex job - managing layers of hardware and software, suppliers, processes and IT people to deliver services that drive business performance.

    assyst is a powerful, enterprise-class ITSM solution that helps you align what IT does with what the business needs. assyst gives you everything you need to optimize services, maximize productivity and drive business growth.

    assyst is central to all of our business ICT processes. It is the glue which bonds everything together.
  • Service Catalog

    A technology store for the business

    Business demands are pushing IT to the limit, so IT needs to look for better ways to meet that demand. A service catalog will help your IT organization manage service demand by empowering end users to log their own service requests via an automated web portal.

    The assyst Service Catalog gives us a one-stop-shop for all things IT. With very little training our customers utilize a unique 'online shopping' experience and self-service facility. Our catalog is now driven by the customer for the customer.
  • End User Self-Service

    Self-Service Portal

    IT is under increasing pressure to cut operational IT costs and to improve the quality of support – in short, to “do more with less”. With the assystNET self-service portal you can divert traffic from the service desk to a more cost-effective and efficient automated digital channel.

    The rollout of assystNET has reduced pressure on the service desk, empowered our business users and improved the user experience. I’m pleased to report that this has increased IT customer satisfaction.
  • Asset Management

    Manage the full IT asset lifecycle

    IT infrastructure in enterprise organizations is large and complex. With a rising number of different devices falling under the wing of IT, it’s difficult to keep control.

    Implementing a solid ITAM strategy brings benefits across IT and the organization in the form of reduced costs, improved business-to-IT alignment and quality of service. Effective IT asset management drives a shift from basic asset tracking to full management of IT assets from a business value perspective.

    The assyst solution has given us complete and accurate visibility of all of IT and non-IT assets - an incredible feat for any large organization.
  • SaaS vs On-Premise

    Choice and flexibility

    We deliver the assyst solution to our customers via the cloud as a SaaS ITSM solution and as a traditional on-premise install.
    For organizations who want the best of both worlds we offer a hybrid model, combining an on-premise install with a pay-as-you-use pricing model. Whatever you need, we have a delivery model to suit you.

    Selecting the assyst application in the cloud has given us the flexibility to move to on-premise if our business requirements change in the future.
  • Enterprise Service Management

    Service Management is growing and changing

    Employees consume multiple services delivered by many departments within their organizations every working day. Their expectations of user experience and service delivery are changing rapidly, raising the demands for the introduction of efficient, consistent service management across the business irrespective of function.

    Bringing back innovation to build a pipeline for innovation, IT needs to break down the walls and become truly integrated with the rest of the organization.
  • IT Governance

    Balancing value, risk and compliance

    For many organizations today, IT is central to success, and IT performance has a direct impact on business performance. But IT departments don’t perform well for the business by chance. IT spend, decision making and activity need to be in line with the overarching business objectives to make sure IT is supporting these objectives.

    Implementing ITIL® with assyst was an important step towards better alignment between IT and business requirements.
  • Social IT / Collaboration

    Teamwork without boundaries

    ​IT Resource Performance Management (IT RPM) is a combination of social, gamification and mobility technologies and processes which allow companies to embrace the consumerization of IT. By implementing social technologies and gamification across web and mobile platforms, organizations have the opportunity to make collaboration and information sharing happen on a global scale – with a transformative effect on IT and business productivity.

    Axios Systems has truly been a great partner to Mohawk. Their responsiveness and level of collaboration ensure we have exactly what we need in assyst.
  • Mobile

    Enabling your Mobile Workforce

    Your people are on the move, so they need access to services and support on the move. In this day and age, few people are tied to a desk. Your IT people are on the move too.

    Field service engineers need to stay connected to the service desk and IT operations so they know where they’re going and what they’re doing. IT managers need to monitor and manage operations from outside the office.

    We are employing assyst to improve the business user experience. Key to this is the Service Catalog which allows users to request services via mobile and the web. We expect this to save us a lot in terms of time and cost.
  • Password Reset

    assystReset - automated password reset

    Many analysts believe password resets to be the number one call to a service desk.

    With a simple click of a button on the login screen, assystReset allows users to reset their passwords in a secure and automated way, instantly boosting your first time fix rates and customer satisfaction levels while drastically reducing costs.

    The reduction of calls we have achieved through using self-service in assyst has given our team an additional 40% of time back to focus on key tasks and innovation. The IT team is truly more efficient.